Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Summer Exhibition

Good morning all!
Well after a few weeks absence, I am back posting a few pictures for my WOYWW buddies to enjoy.
We have had a couple of really busy weeks. Maxine had a crafters' demo table at Burwurton Show and then she spent last week preparing for her Summer exhibition at The Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms.

So, I have been helping out by mounting pictures and of course.......

The best job in the world - looking after Ben. We have devised a few new games - Crab apple basket ball using the composter, wet giants (a game in wellies on a rainy day) and World Benthletics - races and field activities on Nanny's back lawn. He can run much faster than I can now!

As for my crafty activities - well my room is slowly being taken over by packaging and bubble wrap...

I don't mind - it's so good to see her little business flourish and great to be able to help out.
In the evenings I am finishing off  about 40 Chocolate Orange Christmas puddings. Ha ha - sounds like I am eating them!! No, just knitting to stop me falling asleep after busy days.
My scar face is healing nicely but still feels tight and I know it sounds silly but it wears me out by the end of a day. I guess it's all the extra effort needed to move my facial muscles over tight skin - would help if I just kept quiet but that's not likely to happen!!

So, that's me for this week.
I hope you are all well and enjoying this changeable August weather. We have had some lovely sunny days - not too hot - just fresh and beautiful.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Quite a contrast to share with you today!
Christmas puddings and Tilly Tea Dance's new range!

I am knitting covers for Chocolate oranges for a local charity ready for their Christmas Fair - apparently they sold really well and made about £400 last year, so now's the time to start!!

Maxine spent a morning in The Dingle in the Shrewsbury park. The garden is all ready for Shrewsbury Flower Show next month so the flower beds look stunning - definitely inspirational.  I love the colours in these little needle felted and embroidered pictures. She needs lots of stock for a show next week and also her exhibition next month.  So lots of wet felting, needle felting and embroidery will be going on while I have fun with Ben. Yesterday we baked cheesy bread buns and cakes for his daddy's birthday.

That's it for this week.
I hope I can get round to visit a few WOYWW desks later.
Thank you to all who call in here - and for all the lovely comments.

xx Jo

Thursday, 20 July 2017

WOYWW - on Thursday!!

Oh - I know I am a day late but my desk hasn't seen any activity from me recently and I just wanted to share the little cardi that I finished.

It's a pretty peachy colour and I love the little picot edging.

My workdesk has been covered with lovely pictures that Maxine has finished and left for me to mount.
She has been busy with workshops - here's a link to her Tilly Tea Dance facebook page if you want to see more.  Tilly Tea Dance   

So - very short and sweet this week.
Thanks for calling by.

x Jo

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Normal service will resume as soon as possible!
Good morning all. Technical services have been problematic here for the last few weeks and it just shows how reliant we have all become on our computers, cameras etc doesn't it.
Well, I think the computer is sorted now and I am using my camera phone for my pics at the moment.

This was snapped on my desk last week...

It's a christening card for my little God daughter. We had a lovely celebration - I just hope her Mum is good at photo-shopping the pics of old scar face here!

My work desk today is my kitchen unit top. I have Ben here and today we made cheese straws. He has eaten two already (Don't tell his Mum!).
He then spent the next ten minutes drawing in the flour on the work top - messy but fun, and a good way of encouraging him to draw without having to concentrate on holding a crayon. He drew tracks and diggers and then rubbed his floury has hands over them to make it snow!

Well as you see - no action on my real work desk but who cares - I am enjoying every minute.

Thanks for calling by - have a great week.

x Jo

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Good morning all!
I hope you are enjoying all this wonderfully sunny weather.
It's certainly been hot here. Driving back from my hospital appointment on Monday, the temperature was 32C  around 2 pm! 
I have tried to keep my face out of the sun - it's not a pretty sight and I certainly don't want to suffer from sunburn too. My scars are healing well and the consultant was pleased with his handiwork so that's all good.

My desk hasn't seen much action but you know how it is....

My grandson enjoys a story - this week it was Suddenly by Colin McNaughton. So we had to pretend to be the wolf and Preston Pig. Hence the dash to the craft room for pink card, scissors and stapler!
Easy peasy for an ex-infants teacher Nanny. He loved the mask and spent much of the day acting out the story with nanny as the wolf!

The rest of the table carries the remnants of Maxine's crafty Tilly Tea Dance activity - she has been busy stocking shelves with her work at a "Buy from Shropshire" gallery in Shrewsbury.

I hope you are all well and having crafty fun around the globe.

I will be round for a snoop at your WOYWW desks later.
Thanks for calling by.

x Jo